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Retailer of high-quality apparel and accessories for metal and fantasy themed culture.




In a world where fashion and fantasy intersect, a nerdy entrepreneur named Heath dared to imagine something extraordinary. A driven individual who worked by day (and night) for the Department of Defense - the land of suits, stuffy meetings, and bureaucracy. However, Heath's true passion lay in the realms of fantasy and heavy metal. He dreamt of creating a clothing brand that would celebrate these interests, breaking free from the mundane world and exercising his creativity. 


His vision came to life with Hail the Dragon, a clothing brand that would fuse high quality fabrics with iconic imagery from fantasy worlds and the raw energy of heavy metal. As Heath set on his epic journey to create Hail the Dragon, he sought out the best artisans, craftsmen, and town criers from across the land. Together, they crafted unique clothing and accessories that not only represented their shared passions for fantasy and heavy metal but also brought something new and fresh to the fashion world.


And so begins the legend of Hail the Dragon, a tale of imagination born at the very edge of reality, where creativity knows no bounds and ordinary people find their inner warriors through what they choose to wear. Each garment is its own heroic tale, awaiting a new champion to bring it to life. The saga continues as Hail the Dragon becomes a beacon of inspiration for dreamers and adventurers alike – bringing forth the dawn of a new age in the world of fashion. 


Unleash Your Inner Dragon


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